Senior Artist

Sony Online Entertainment

August 2007 – Present (7 years 2 months)

Currently I'm a senior artist on EverquestNext Landmark. My responsibilities include concept work, modeling and texturing props, world lighting, and the very technical process of creating our procedurally generated overland terrain and prop placement.

In my time on Everquest 2 I textured, modeled, lit, made particles and concepted dungeons. I also modeled and textured characters when I was ahead in my environment work.


Team Lead, Senior Artist

Sigil Games Online

April 2004 – May 2007 (3 years 2 months)

At Sigil my job was to model and UV any objects within the play environment. Whether it was a chair, an altar, a building or a dungeon I was responsible for either realizing the concept artists vision into 3D or coming up with the design myself and then finishing it to being game ready. This entailed all technical considerations of our portal technology, following our grid system of construction, making LODs for the objects, and all the other proprietary technical requirements in our pipeline. Along with the creation of the objects, I also worked with our design department to facilitate their game play concepts with the layout of the environment and the player progression through it. 

As a team lead I was responsible for not only my day to day work requirements but also the scheduling, technical support, and general progress of my team which varied in size from four artists working under me up to eleven.



Midway Home Entertainment

October 1999 – April 2003 (3 years 7 months)

At Midway my workload entailed modeling and texturing environments, characters, and any other objects which were necessary. My duties were also expanded into the area of level design where I worked out the details of the gameplay areas and interactions within that environment. I also worked with the programmers to design the technical aspects of character special effects, environment effects, and general problem solving pertaining to model and texture usage under our engine.


Wildstorm Entertainment

April 1995 – October 1999 (4 years 7 months)

As a colorist I would take the inked page of a comic, scan it into the computer, and then color it in Photoshop. I would give form and depth to the art and also use particular color schemes to convey a sense of emotion within the panels.


San Diego State University

Bachelors, Graphic Design


Software Experience: Photoshop CC, Maya 2015, Zbrush 4R6,  Xnormal, World Machine, Many proprietary tools, Learning Unreal currently