Unreal Mats FTW

So I've started the process of bringing my concept to life.  Wanted to set my base approach for both tech and art so I put together a tiling bit of wall and went about making my first Unreal blending material.  It blends between the wall's normal, base color, roughness, and detail normal to a snow color and normal with it's roughness set by a constant.  To control the blending I'm using painted vertex alpha in Unreal and a height map for the bricks in my wall.  Overall I'm pretty happy with it; I think I'll get a ton of variety out of this single piece by breaking it up with snow.  This pic shows four of the wall pieces together and I think it breaks it up nicely.  And if I wanted to tweak it more I can still paint some vertex colors down as well :)

Zbrush my old friend

I've been stuck doing a lot of tech over the past few weeks at work so I thought I'd do a little zbrush'n on the side.  Doodle'd up a realistic proportioned head since much of my work over the past year has been very stylized.  

A little art on the side

Thought I'd work on a project on the side since I've been spending all this time getting up to speed on Substance Painter.  Thought I'd do a photobash concept to plan out my attack a bit.

Snakes on a......

For one of my zones I worked out that the way we would theme the various boss fight areas was by using different statuary.  But since they were going to be big full characters anyways, why don't I just make them as normal NPC's and then we could also use modified versions of them as the actual bosses you fight; like statues come to life.  So in this particular case - since I knew that they'd be around a lot - I made a base body and put that on one set of textures and then took all the various parts of their unique armor and put them on another set.  This way I could mix and match the statues together with fewer render calls and at the most it was only two shaders per NPC anyways.  Overall I was pretty happy with the way they turned out.

Scaley but with a heart of gold

For one of the zones my lead needed a boss mob that they could throw in and I was ahead on my work so I offered to make a new model and texture.  I ended up doing the sculpt and then getting two color variants out of it.

It's what's for dinner

I was asked to take a pig that we had before and give him a texture/model total rework so that he could be scaled up and used as a boss.  A minor boss.  Since he's still a pig.  Basically.

Happy furry otter people!

These guys were great fun to do.  I started with an otter, then added some meerkat, and then threw in a bit of my boston terrier around the mouth.  I wish my poly count could have been higher so I could really watch these guys go since our animator did a fantastic job bringing them to life.

Metal and Bone

Once again we needed to make a new NPC but didn't have the man power to do a whole new set of animations for him.  In this case it was a fairly common biped so I just had to make sure that he lined up with our barbarian's skeleton.  I liked working on him since he's a little darker themed than what I normally do and I liked that I could design him to be a blend of organic and machine fused into one.  Fun stuff :)

There's always dungeons and always dragons

Since we wouldn't have time to animate a new dragon for EQ2 I was tasked with taking an existing skeleton and then make some model variants with new meshes and textures but still matching the joints.  He ended up being a corpse on the floor of one of my dungeons....

Evil evil dark elves....

We had some specific assets that needed to be made for a demo and I was able to get in there and concept and then build them as well.  The Dark Elf style was based on sharp shapes and dark materials so i tried my best to keep with the theme. I thought it would be fun to concept the particle effects for them as well so I gave that a shot.  Below are the concepts and the final models.  Minus the particles sadly.

Loomy tunes

I got a chance to do some concepting for one of our crafting stations.  It was fun!  Since it had to have a lot of re-use - as far as the textures were concerned - it was a fun challenge to sort out the most visual impact with the least amount of new unique parts.  I did a fair amount of research on how looms work and how they moved since it all had to appear to be somewhat functional.  


Recently I've been putting together tileable terrain heightmaps which will then be randomized to generate our "continents" for EverquestNext Landmark.  Here's a small sample of the various maps I've made using World Machine and some Photoshop'n.